The NFL is so hot these days that it practically has a license to print money -- except when it comes to the print business.

After great fanfare accompanied the league's launch of "NFL Magazine" last year, the publication has gone the way watching games in person in Los Angeles. Which is to say, it's gone.

The New York Post reports the league published just four issues of NFL Magazine before folding. The league partnered with Dauphin Media Group from Vancouver, Canada, on the magazine and created buzz by placing Tim Tebow instead of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton on the cover of the debut issue, which hit newsstands in December 2011.

Apparently nobody in the organization realized since the Internet came around, magazine sales for the most part haven't done so well.

The official website for the failed NFL Magazine ran an announcement that it "will not be publishing additional issues after the Special 2012 Draft Issue, dated April 2012." The site lists contact information for those few who actually subscribed to the publication.

In any event, this isn't the first failed magazine attempt for the NFL. Ten years ago the league dropped another publication after three years.

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