The mystery of Mike Tyson's smile was quietly revealed by his wife in an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that details their relationship. One of the biggest questions: What happened to that famous gold front tooth used to chew into Evander Holyfield's ear?

Would you believe a Tiger is to blame for it being gone, and we aren't talking about the golfer?

Kiki Tyson told the Review-Journal that Tyson lost his famous tooth "when his tiger, Kenya, head-butted him."

Well, all right, then.

While their marriage couldn't save the tooth, it's been a positive in many other ways. After a rough past, the former heavyweight champion of the world took another chance at love and it helped lead to the magical rebirth of his career.

Tyson is arguably as popular today as he was back in his boxing heyday in the late 1980s. A big part of that success can be traced back to his wife, Kiki. She worked with her husband and director Randy Johnson in putting together what has become Iron Mike's one-man show, "Undisputed Truth," at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Kiki, 35, told Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she "attended the school of hard knocks," which clearly gives her something in common with her man. The pair first met when she was just 13 years old, thanks to her father who had friends in the Philadelphia boxing game. Strangely, years later, they would form a bond.

Before marriage to the 45-year-old Tyson, the former Lakiha Spicer studied fashion design and worked in New York City in the party promotion business. Outside of being a loving wife, Kiki also has two different writing projects in the works with Tyson's film company.

In other Tyson dental news, the former heavyweight champ briefly had his infamous front tooth gap closed as part of a dental makeover, but that didn't last long. "We debated whether to keep (the closed-gap look) but the gap was his signature," she said to explain why her husband returned to the gap-toothed appearance.

This June the happy couple, with two children together (Tyson has eight total), will celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

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