Well, here's a scenario we never thought we'd see a Yankees slugger in.

Alex Rodriguez has been contacted about playing a drag queen in an upcoming indie movie about Salvador Dali. The New York Post reports that the film's brass believes Rodriguez would be perfect in the role of Dali's "factotum social secretary." Apparently Ricky Williams and Charles Barkley, famed dress-wearers, were unavailable.

A-Rod makes more than $30 million a year to play baseball, and he'd make quite a bit less in the role of the stunning, leggy drag queen named Potassa.

Alan Cumming is the leading man in the film titled "The Surrealist," which details Dali's life and obsession with all things baseball related.

For the most part, A-Rod's only real connection to Hollywood has been dating its leading ladies. While it's highly unlikely he'd ever consider showing off his legs in a dress, this is the real deal.

Philippe Mora, the film's director, tells the New York Post that this is a "serious" offer. A-Rod's people didn't comment on the story, which might be another way of saying he's got a better chance of playing for the Jets than wearing a beautiful gown.

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