Changing your legal name to Metta World Peace alone separates you from all that's normal, but the athlete formally known as Ron Artest had one of the oddest requests in Hollywood.

World Peace was contacted about having bit part in the new film "Think Like a Man," and he made one diva request of the films producers.

Above all else, the Lakers star demanded to wear short shorts.

John Stockton and Rolando Blackman come to mind as 1980s stars who patented short shorts.

World Peace felt he needed something special to appear on the big screen.

"I won't do the movie if I can't wear this outfit," World Peace told the Los Angeles Times. "I don't want to be in normal basketball shorts. I could play basketball at a park and you take a picture. If I'm in a movie, I want to be out there."

By the same token, World Peace was forced to cover up more skin than he first hoped. Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times reports the Lakers forward initially planned to wear shorts so short they would expose his toochis, along with a jersey that would flash his chest hair.

Producers wouldn't let that happen, so instead World Peace went for silly looking short shorts. The Lakers star explained his theory on having a small part in a scene with comedy legend Kevin Hart. "The only way I can be funny," World Peace told the LA Times, "is if I be myself and do something outrageous."

"Think Like a Man" will hit theaters this weekend, it's rated PG-13 with a cast that includes Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union to go along with Kevin Hart. IMDB described the film as four friends teaming up to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey's relationship advice against them.

Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Rashad Butler, Darren Collison and Lisa Leslie are other notable basketball players to make cameos as themselves in the film.

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