Talk about strengthening the athletic gene pool.

Antonio Cromartie obviously has no problems with fertility: He's just added to his legendary title as the father of the NFL. Cromartie's wife announced on Twitter the couple is expecting twins.

In case you haven't kept track of the New York Jets star's family depth chart, these new additions will make Cromartie, 28, a father of TWELVE.

Terricka Cason Cromartie tweeted an ultrasound image of twins, she later said the kids are expected to arrive in November.

"Thanks to all my loyal followers who have been supportive of my family & my marriage there are so many ppl who are against u but so many who stand with you and i appreciate your love.. Thanks 2 those blogs sites who didnt post the dumbness xoxo," Terricka tweeted, saying identical twins run in her family.

The NY Post reports he currently has ten kids with eight different women across the United States. You can find Cromartie carbon copies in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and California.

Earlier this week we passed on details from a NY Post report that states the many of the mothers want to do a reality show based on the kids' relationship with Cromartie, however he's blocked the TV show.

Known as a shutdown corner, the Tallahassee, Fla., native is also the record holder for the longest play in NFL history. Cromartie had a 109.5–yard missed field goal touchdown return while playing for the Chargers in 2007.

Fatherhood isn't free, as Cromartie reportedly pays out over $21,000 each month in child support to six of the mothers ($3,500 each). That doesn't include the money he spends on his own kids with wife Terricka.

In the long run, considering you can only use 11 players at a time, one of Antonio's kids will be warming the bench.

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