Mention George Zimmerman's name and a wide range of emotions pop up, many of them negative in the Sunshine State. So it must be more than a little bit concerning that new poll results claim Zimmerman has much more support in Florida than both Major League Baseball teams that call the state home.

A surprising 26 percent of Florida residents polled said Zimmerman is innocent of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Marton. That's not a lot of support, but it's certainly more than both professional baseball teams.

Public Policy Polling reports only 16 percent of Floridians support the Tampa Bay Rays and even less, just 15 percent claim to be fans of the Miami Marlins.

Despite not being very popular, both teams have seen attendance go up this season. The Rays are averaging 29,268 fans, good for 17th in MLB 2012 attendance. With a new ballpark, the Marlins are only 15th in attendance with 29,442 fans per game.

Ozzie Guillen, the outspoken manager of the Marlins, isn't very popular either. Just 7 percent of those responding had a favorable opinion of the skipper, while 39 percent said his recent comments about Fidel Castro were inappropriate.

A total of 700 Florida voters were surveyed by Public Policy Polling for the data that has a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percent.

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