So much for Tom Hanks' theory on crying in baseball.

The Minnesota Twins' early season slump drove the 4-year-old son of infielder Jamey Carroll to tears and helped them pick up a badly needed victory.

Cole Carroll was so devastated his father had yet to get a hit this season, that he literally broke down into tears when informed before Wednesday's game that his old man was in a 0-for-14 stretch in 2012.

''My son was upset and my wife asked him why he was upset and he said, 'I just want dad to get a hit,''' Carroll told the Associated Press. ''He was crying. He was also a little tired at the time, but he asked my wife if I had got a hit and she said no and I think that threw him over the edge.''

Carroll's wife Kim sent him a video of the couple's pride and joy overly exasperated by dad's below freezing start to the season. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports many of the Twins players viewed the video in the clubhouse before playing the Angels.

Tired or not, the little guy's outburst worked. Carroll had two hits, including what turned out to be the game-winning, two-out RBI single in the seventh inning as the Twins beat Albert Pujols' new team 6-5.

No word yet on Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire's plans to add the 4-year-old to the team's payroll.

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