It's been said television is simply automated day-dreaming.

Tim Kurkjian is one of the longest tenured Major League Baseball analysts, but you'll never believe what he does in between all those appearances on ESPN. No, it's not day-dreaming, but to some, it sure may seem surreal.

Since 1998, Kurkjian has been a baseball writer and TV journalist on "Baseball Tonight." During the past three years, a majority of those high-pitched TV appearances have come from a studio built for him in his Maryland home. It sounds great, but you could say it's a two-edged sword.

"The good news is I have maximum flexibility, the bad news is my work is quite literally in the house now," he told the North Potomac-Darnestown Maryland Patch. "When I am here, people think I am off, and I am anything but off."

In the middle of the baseball season, Kurkjian, 55, appears on up to seven different radio and TV shows from his home studio, ranging from 7 a.m. until midnight.

Despite his reputation as a baseball fanatic and real life seamhead, Kurkjian confesses around his TV shots he's not just parked on the couch watching games.

"I can't tell you how many times I put something in the oven, run up here to do a radio show or live shot," he said, "and go downstairs as soon as the chicken parmigiana is ready."

You might also find Kurkjian mowing the lawn or helping around the house in-between breaking down the latest drama at Fenway Park or the Bronx, according to the North Potomac-Darnestown Maryland Patch.

During a 2012 spring training tour around Arizona and Florida, ballplayers began mocking Kurkjian's high-pitched over the top interview style. The so-called "Kurkjianing," with ballplayers from the Blue Jays, Rays and Brewers became viral. One of the videos was seen more than 200,000 times.

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