It's been said that keeping a diary makes you happier, however it's hard to believe many NBA players regularly express their feelings this way. Turns out, the San Francisco Chronicle found one popular player who proudly does just that.

Warriors guard Nate Robinson, generally speaking, is known as one of the most animated players in the association. Despite standing just 5-foot-9, Robinson won three slam dunk titles from his days with the New York Knicks. His play is defined by a certain swagger and bravado.

Robinson has also documented every game, day and event in his life since the moment the Madison Square Garden fan favorite was shipped out of the Big Apple in a trade to the Boston Celtics in 2010.

Nate was an emotional wreck after the deal went down, and he received some brotherly advice from his younger sibling about keeping his feelings away from the media, instead suggesting to write them down in a journal.

"It's personal," Robinson told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's something I'll keep for myself, thoughts that I don't want to share with other people. It's a reflection of what's going on in my life and what I'm thinking."

Robinson, who reportedly talks about his children before himself and has a strong belief in God, has become a bit of a journeyman since leaving the Knicks, but he doesn't just focus his diary on hoops.

"It's whatever I'm thinking that day," Robinson said. "I just write about some of the funny stuff that happens or whatever I'm thinking about my family, a movie or the game. I can write whatever."

Researchers have discovered that jotting down your feelings in a diary helps the brain overcome emotional stress and believe it or not, leaves you feeling happier, according to the Guardian.

In any event, Robinson has most likely been feeling better of late, since he's been playing better. Over the Warriors last six games, Nate has averaged 19.5 ppg and 6.8 assists for one of the doormats of the NBA.

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