They say a dad is your biggest fan, even when you strike out.

Albert Pujols couldn't stay away from St. Louis for long. The new Angels slugger surprisingly returned to the Gateway City for the first time on Tuesday. He wasn't in town to play baseball, but he did watch a lot of it.

With the Halos enjoying an off day in Minneapolis, Pujols took a short flight covering the 560 miles to his old stomping grounds for some fatherly duties.

KSDK-TV reports the former Cardinals hero watched his son's Little League game not far from the mighty Mississippi River in Chesterfield, Mo. Pujols was swarmed by excited fans when he arrived. A number of the players picked up autographs, which Albert was kind enough to sign. Many of the kids' parents attend the same church as Pujols, and they mostly left him alone to be a dad.

Pujols refused to do an on-camera interview with the local TV station.

Albert and his wife, Deidre, have four children and are very active with a number of charities through the non-profit Pujols Family Foundation.

Mike Matheny used to run that Little League team Pujols' son plays on, before landing the Cardinals managerial job.

Pujols, 32, found $240 million reasons to leave the beloved Cardinals franchise in the dust. Thats how much cash the Angels of Anaheim will be paying the slugger as a player until 2021 and as a consultant until 2031. Pujols' new contract includes a truck full of clauses including a $3 million bonus for his 3,000 hit and a $7 million check for his 763rd career home run.

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