We tell our children not to play with matches. But apparently some children in Poland should have told their parents not to play with flares inside a gym where dozens of children are present.

A recent youth soccer tournament in Poland involving young children had to be canceled after a group of wild fans all but set a gymnasium on fire.

Fans at the match, held in the town of Kornik, became more and more animated as more beer was consumed. New Poland Express reports the foolishness continued with a large number of fans lighting flares and some even firecrackers inside the gymnasium where the tournament was being held.

There are no known reports of injuries, but video of the scene has spread like, well, you know.

The event was eventually canceled, mercifully.

"At first there were only one or two flares, which the hall's security managed to deal with," Marcin Pieta, a co-organizer of the event, told New Poland Express, "but then suddenly there were so many flares on the pitch you couldn't see from one end of the hall to the other, the children couldn’t breathe properly and the parents simply said they weren't going to participate anymore, so we had to abandon the event."

Kornik, with nearly 7,000 residents, is located in western Poland. Originally founded in the Middle Ages, it was under Nazi occupation during World War II. The city features a library that is said to date to 1828 -- one of the oldest in Poland.

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