Davis Hsu was waiting with his sister and her kids for a flight to South Florida at the San Francisco airport when he and his nieces noticed 49ers free agent quarterback Alex Smith. The girls thought Smith was hot, but Hsu knew he was onto a potentially blistering story for pigskin fans.

That led to the Seattle-based real estate agent scooping Jay Glazer, Peter King and Chris Mortensen.

On his way to a cruise to the Bahamas, his first vacation with his sister in over 25 years, Hsu used the in-flight wi-fi on Virgin America to double check that it really was indeed Smith (via Google images), before tweeting the news to a group of reporters who cover the Seahawks.

Thanks to Hsu's tweet, a likely surprised Smith was greeted by a newspaper cameraman when he got off the plane in South Florida.

Like many on Twitter, Hsu was harassed by unhappy 49ers fans who guessed he'd made the whole story up to get a reaction. Hsu, who makes a good living supporting his wife and two kids in the real estate biz, says other than writing for Seahawks fan blog FieldGulls.com, he has zero interest in being a real-life NFL reporter.

Hsu is described as the salary cap expert and roster guru for Field Gulls', according to Danny Kelly.

In the long run we'll have to see where Smith ends up, but we know Hsu's social media footprint skyrocketed. The fan blogger tells the Seattle Times he picked up over 500 new Twitter followers since his crack reporting.

"I had to tell people, 'I will never break any news,'" Hsu said. "I tweet about the Huskies and the Seahawks."

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