Invest in enough things over your NFL career, and sooner or later, one of them will go bad.

Randy Moss must feel that way after it was revealed the recently un-retired NFL star may have lost $160,000 in a failed barber shop investment.

Talk about your close financial shave!

An attorney for the 35-year-old receiver filed a lawsuit in Miami on behalf of Moss. The Miami Herald's Jose Lambiet tracked down the court papers and reports Moss invested a large amount of money into a hair salon located in trendy Delray Beach.

Moss just signed a one-year contract that may end up being worth as much as $4 million to return to pro football with the San Francisco 49ers last week. Could it be he really needs the "straight cash homey!"

Over an eight-year period Moss was supposed to receive his investment into the 301 Salon back and up to 25 percent of profits from the barber shop, whose clientele reportedly includes a number of famous athletes. Turns out that deal was a load of baloney that Bernie Madoff could have conjured up.

Rather than get a return on his investment, Moss picked up a bunch of worthless checks from a shop co-owner and a headache. The suit claims one of the owners went as far as changing the name of the corporation that owned the salon in an effort to skip out on paying the NFL legend his money, according to the Miami Herald.

Moss now waits as the court system attempts to get his cash back.

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