Part of being a fan is rooting against your rivals, but not if you support Kentucky's basketball team.

Coach John Calipari doesn't want Wildcats enthusiasts cheering against any other team. He went as far as to condemn these negative fans and encourage them to avoid watching his team in the Final Four. The topic came to light in New Orleans where Calipari told reporters that despite this weekend's matchup with bitter rival Louisville, Kentucky fans should avoid negative fan activity.

"I just don't think it's good that you root against other teams," Calipari said to "I just think if you start rooting against another team and you're a fan of ours, turn the TV off. Walk to the other room. Make yourself a coffee. And go for a walk with the dog. Do something...I just think that karma comes back at you."

Calipari's feeling on negative vibrations impacting the Wildcats performance "stretches it a bit far," Oliver Leaman, a professor of religion at UK said. "Karma involves only individuals. But it might be argued that your team will be affected by negative thoughts you've supported (by) dragging them down in some way."

UK has changed a few things from last year's Final Four. Calipari said security will keep all the hangers-on off the Kentucky players' floor at the hotel. If his student-athletes want to meet family and friends, they'll have to go down to the lobby. reports that despite being a practicing Catholic, Calipari's beliefs on Karma are following a Buddhist path of focusing on performance rather than only winning.

Calipari knows that UK fans are different than other college basketball fans, he even issued a warning to media.

"Our fans feed everything. They not only feed everything, they eat everything. They are piranhas," Calipari said in the news-conference below. "If you have an agenda and you write a story that's agenda driven, they will take out everything you've written and prove it wrong. And then look at your background and go over what you've done. So if you're gonna attack Kentucky just be right," he said.

"If you have an agenda for another coach, to create something, I'm just telling you piranha wap, wap, wap. They'll come and eat your yard and your house, these people (fans) are nuts."

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