Granted, the New England Patriots didn't win Super Bowl XLVI, but that small fact won't keep the helmet worn by BenJarvus Green-Ellis from landing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Green-Ellis' head gear will be showcased in a new "Evolution of Football" section of the Canton, Ohio shrine to all things professional pigskin. The Omaha World-Herald points out the helmet is getting put into the limelight thanks to a revolutionary chin strap Green-Ellis wore while running for 44 yards on 10 carries.

Known as the "Indicator," the device appears to be a regular chin strap to the naked eye, but it's packed with high tech software that's designed to help alert coaches and medical staff when a player suffers a hit that's strong enough to cause a concussion. The Indicator features a light-emitting-diode that's normally bright green. Yet turns red to inform team staff when a player suffers a vicious enough hit that could lead to a concussion.

"The chin strap falls right into the sweet spot of technology, science and player protection," Joe Horrigan, vice president of exhibits and communications for the Pro Football Hall of Fame told the World-Herald. "It's so small and so compact, it has to be one of the smallest big improvements that I've seen in a long time."

Sure the running back's chin strap might be revolutionary but the vice president of Battle Sports Science, couldn't believe what he found when taking a closer look at the game helmet used in the Super Bowl.

It was old.

"Here you have a New England Patriots player not even wearing a brand new helmet," Chris Circo, the chief executive of Battle Sports Science said. "It's a reconditioned, recertified helmet."

In addition to Green-Ellis' chin strap being featured in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it will be showcased in a special traveling exhibit that will go all over the United States.

BenJarvis won't be scoring touchdowns for the Patriots anytime soon, he left New England this offseason, agreeing to a contract that will pay him $9 million in the next three years with the Cincinnati Bengals.

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