Undoubtedly Dwyane Wade has some of the quickest feet in the NBA, but did you know he's also one of the only superstars who regularly gets pedicures?

The lockout changed a number of things for the face of the Miami Heat. Unable to workout with team trainers, Wade says he was "introduced" to alternative ways to train and take care of himself and he's become a fan of a few of those methods.

The 30-year-old shooting guard has embraced Yoga, Pilates and a few other unorthodox workout routines (at least by NBA standards). Wade told the Wall Street Journal that a different trainer opened his eyes. "I didn't even know my body needed, like yoga."

In addition to regular pedicures, Wade has added foot baths and ice baths to help give him a competitive edge.

"You need to take care of your feet," Wade says. "My feet aren't going to look any prettier from a pedi, but they feel better from the massaging."

Wade gets what's known as a "sports pedicure," according to the Wall Street Journal. Exercise expert Cedric Bryant explains what that means. It "consists of soaking each foot in a warm Epsom-salt bath, applying foot cream, massaging the feet and lower legs, clipping the toenails and exfoliating dead skin from the soles of the feet.

Certainly Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley will be happy to hear about that and Wade embracing private yoga lessons to help flexibility as he gets older. And Wade has convinced his buddy, LeBron James, who he joked was "stiffer" than him, to join the basic yoga classes.

Wade gave machine-based Pilates a try to help strengthen his core muscles on advice from LeBron

Interestingly, Wade also told the Wall Street Journal he almost never ate his vegetables until recently turning 30-years-old. Dwyane "hated all of them," but understands in the long run he needs them. Don't expect to see the Heat star in the vegetable aisle at whole foods anytime soon, though. He has his personal chef turn celery, carrots and beets into high powered vegetable juice.

Results have been impressive on the court, as the Heat are 33-11 and heading into Sunday's win against Orlando, Wade was shooting a career-best 50.8 percent from the field.

Although its nice James and Wade are doing Yoga and Pilates together, it's certainly not going to help the Heat stars' polarizing reputations.

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