When you add up average home and road attendance, not a single NBA franchise is averaging as many fans as what America's favorite preaching quarterback is expected to draw this weekend.

Tim Tebow is taking his act to Las Vegas with several speaking engagements planned at a church on Saturday and Sunday. The Broncos star will be interviewed by the pastor at Canyon Ridge Christian Church, rather than preaching alone as he normally does.

On a typical weekend, Canyon Ridge will draw about 6,000 followers for weekend services. But this isn't your normal weekend. They're expecting as many as 20,000 people to jam services. The Church has added 1,700 extra seats under a parking lot tent with plans to broadcast Tebow's words online.

The Las Vegas house of worship booked Tebow last fall when he was listed as the Broncos third-string quarterback.

With the tabloids reporting about a date he had with singer Taylor Swift, Tebow will be speaking at seven churches this offseason.

You've heard of sports teams handing out wristbands for fans waiting in line for playoff tickets? Canyon Ridge is opening its parking lot eight hours before Tim's first speech on Saturday and they plan to give out wristbands on a first come, first served basis, reports the Las Vegas Sun. The religious institution is changing its dress policy to allow football jerseys, but won't let people camp out all night or tailgate on church property.

Just another chapter in Tebow Mania.

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