They don't mess around on the pitch, or in the stands.

A soccer fan in London's attempt to incite rival fans has led to a 10-year ban.

Supporters attending Millwall's English Championship game against Leeds United over the weekend weren't allowed to bring Turkish flags. Officials of the South London team were hoping to avoid a repeat of last years taunts regarding the death of two Leeds fans who were stabbed to death in Istanbul back in 2000.

One knucklehead either didn't get the message, or didn't care.

The unnamed man smuggled a Turkish flag past security, taunting rival fans with the emblem. A Leeds team spokesman told the Sun of London this nitwit will pay a steep price for his act of stupidity.

"The man concerned was apprehended after the match and is not welcome at our club for an entire decade. He has been banned ... We worked so hard with Leeds to make sure this game passed off without trouble and it did — but the club does not condone the behaviour of a minority of the crowd...It is disappointing this person got into the stadium with the flag as there were checks in place ... There is no place for that kind of thing at the Den."

Police spokesman confirmed the incident in a brief statement:

"Millwall have banned a male for a considerable period of time for waving Turkish flag at visiting fans."

In addition to the flag, the Sun reports fans took part in disturbing chants that included "always look out for Turks carrying knives" and "Istanbul."

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