Autograph-hungry parents do the darndest things.

Several members of the Brewers shared their strangest autograph requests, at least the ones that could be published via a blog on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website.

I've heard of politicians kissing babies, but never this.

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy shared a signature inquiry that makes you wonder how some people are allowed to procreate. He signed an autographed ON a baby. "I think it was on the forehead," he said.  "It was crazy. Fans will do crazy things to get a hold of you.  They'll jump up and down and yell."

Unquestionably those weren't the parents of the year.

Besides signing babies' body parts, star Rickie Weeks wouldn't tell his oddest autograph request, other than saying it was "x-rated." Mat Gamel must have had a similar experience, since he declined to answer because "My wife is going to read this," he said.

Rookie catcher Martin Maldonado, whose career includes parts of three games, said some fans have turned into stalkers to get his John Hancock.

"They know where I live and followed me to my apartment," he said. "I don’t sign them, I get mad about it. They shouldn’t do that."

That's amazing when you consider the 24-year-old Maldonado struck out in his only big league at bat of 2011.

Infielder Taylor Green said fans have used trickery to get his autograph.

"They'll yell, 'It's an emergency,' while I'm in the parking lot," Green said.  "I'll go over to help and they’ll ask for my autograph. I tell them not to do that."

However, he signs anyway.

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