Obstacles have been called great incentives, and perhaps nobody knows that better than someone who tackled some of the world's most dangerous waves without being able to see them.

A young blind man didn't let his handicap hold him back from experiencing the ultimate ride of a lifetime at Hawaii's legendary Banzai Pipeline. Derek Rabelo, from Brazil, surprised pro surfer Makua Rothman, by showing up at his home uninvited. The young man told the vet he surfs but can't see, Rothman quickly decided this was something he had witness for himself.

Makua handed Derek a brand new short board from his personal stash and the two men headed down to the massive waves. At first the vision-challenged youngster was getting crushed by waves, reports Hawaii News Now, but before long was hanging ten like all the other surfers with 20/20 vision.

"I was tripping out because I never told him where the white wash was coming and he ducked and had perfect timing. I was like are you kidding me? I guess without out one sense, all the rest of the senses are really, really keen," Rothman told KGMB-TV.

Indeed, as impressive as it is to watch Rabelo ride waves, the fact that he's only been surfing slightly more than two years is remarkable. He tells Hawaii News Now that God has blessed him with the gift of surfing. Rabelo was visiting Hawaii looking for a miracle. Video of his antics on the Pipeline has started to go viral.

The pipeline, located on Oahu's North Shore, is renowned for being so dangerous it takes a surfer's life every other year, and is blamed for injuries nearly every day. The Pipeline Rocks was used for the opening wave sequence in the iconic TV program "Hawaii 5-0."

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