It appears Vince Young's overactive imagination has out-thrown his coverage again, or at least his Twitter followers.

The backup quarterback, who infamously dubbed the 2011 edition of the Philadelphia Eagles as the "Dream Team," only to watch them play lousy football most of the season and fail to even qualify for the NFL playoffs, has seen another dream blow up in his face.

For a brief time it seemed like Young had broken a big entertainment story to his over 126,000 followers @VinceYoung. "Twitter fam I have been invited to b on Dancing with the Stars what do y'all think about that lol………"

Young was going to follow in the foot steps of legends like Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice and Hines Ward, among other big names, to appear on the hit ABC show. The story was picked up by and the Austin American-Statesman's blog among other sports websites.

Then something mysterious happened.

Like many of Vince Young's passes this season, the celebratory tweet was picked off Twitter.

Young seemingly deleted it, or figured he was just daydreaming again.

Raiders safety Michael Huff, a college teammate at Texas, had already tweeted back, "But you can't dance," according to Young then fired a response saying "U know I got them dancing skills."

While we aren't sure what really happened, it seems odd ABC would have much interest in Young, considering he's much closer to being out of the NFL than a superstar. Young had four touchdowns and nine interceptions in parts of seven games during the nightmare season in Philadelphia.

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