The National Football League has 1,461 days to figure out how to handle a Roman numeral nightmare.

While you're watching the New York Giants battle the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, executives in really expensive suites will be thinking, at least in the back of their head, about 2016.

You can call it the NFL's version of the Mayan Calendar prophecies.

While it's true that the Roman numeral system that is used to count the number of Super Bowls won't end in the year of the Monkey, the Wall Street Journal points out they'll have to deal with selling merchandise promoting "Super Bowl L".

Lacks a bit of gravitas, no?

One New York City advertising executive thinks 2016 would be the perfect time for the league to drop its use of Roman numerals in order to avoid the "L" Super Bowl.

Former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle cooked up the tribute to the ancient Romans back in 1971, and league spokesman Brian McCarthy says the numerals are "part of the mystique of the Super Bowl." Although the 2016 host city hasn't even been selected yet, McCarthy did confirm the NFL is looking into the "L" logo details.

Sounds like the NFL, at least for now, is holding firm on its love affair with Roman numerals, so what will they do?

Some believe they will avoid using the L logo and will instead incorporate the 50th anniversary into merchandise. Others say marketing could spin the L to mean the largest Super Bowl ever. A thought has been given that the 2016 host city could have an L in its name such as London or Los Angeles to help integrate the Roman numeral into a special logo.

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