You don't often hear people say they survived the means streets of Honolulu, but The Rock did just that.

Dwayne Johnson recently returned to his native roots while promoting his new movie, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island." Although he was born in Hayward, Calif., the Hollywood star traveled around quit a bit with his parents as his father performed in the wrestling ring, according to

And while in the Aloha State, the Rock acted out.

"I drive past all the places that I used to get in trouble -- that I used to get arrested at -- where I drove the HPD (Honolulu Police Department) crazy every single weekend," Johnson told Hawaii's News Now.

"Oh, there's the place I got arrested for fighting. There's the place I got arrested for check fraud. There's the place I got arrested for theft. There's the place I got arrested for curfew. There's the place I got arrested for driving down the wrong way without a license. I mean, the amount of stupidity that I demonstrated when I was a kid here, I like to drive by those areas."

While in high school, Johnson lived with his parents in a small studio apartment. Even that didn't go well. "We came home one time, and there was an eviction notice on the door," Johnson told the Hawaii TV station. "We couldn't get in. Where we gonna live?"

Johnson's family figured it all out, of course. But Honolulu has some pretty rough areas not far from Waikiki, despite its worthy reputation as a safe tourist paradise.

"Even though those were tough memories, it makes me into who I am today, Johnson said. "So, I can drive around, and it makes me feel so grateful to be who I am today and be able to be here, the man I am today, from that punk kid, to this man. It's beautiful."

The Rock, 39, has been able to cross over from WWE superstar to mainstream actor in more than 136 titles during his career. He's most famous for his roles in "Fast Five" and "The Scorpion King."

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Johnson also told Hawaii News Now an amusing connection between himself and a couple of other native celebrities, President Obama and pop singer Bruno Mars:

"Here's the funny thing, by the way. You take President Obama, Bruno Mars, and myself, and we all ... he looks like he could be my uncle, Obama. I look like I could be Bruno Mars' big brother. That's the way it is here in Hawaii!"

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