Usually men who run major professional sports leagues in America are publicly reserved when it comes to giving critiques of media; but not this time.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman chose not to hold back in his assessment of Bryant Gumbel when asked about the TV host by Bob Costas.

Back during the NBA lockout, Gumbel played up what he felt was a racial side to the labor dispute during a commentary about NBA commissioner David Stern.

"David Stern was eager to be seen as some kind of modern plantation overseer treating NBA men as if they were boys," Gumbel said on Real Sports.

Bettman didn't hold back when Costas asked his reaction to that.

"That is probably the most ignorant, stupidest statement I've ever heard," Bettman said, as reported by USA Today. The NHL commissioner made that statement on "Costas Tonight," which will air on the NBC Sports Network Thursday night at 8 p.m.

Bettman worked under Stern for years in the NBA's front office before becoming hockey's leader in 1993.

Stern reacted more calmly -- though every bit as dismissively -- when asked by Costas to react to Gumbel's verbal assault.

"His ratings are going down. It's a slow news day. He wants some headlines."

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Stern has worked for the NBA since 1966, becoming commissioner in 1984. He's credited by many as being responsible for the tremendous financial success of the league.

In addition to Bettman and Stern, Costas also has an interview with boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather who brags about regularly betting massive amounts of money on sporting events.

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