For the second time in the past five Super Bowls, Tom Brady's New England Patriots are helping out needy children and families around the world.

As Steve Henson reported for after the World Series, the losing side's championship merchandise is sent overseas to help poor people in impoverished countries. A large shipment of New England Patriots Super Bowl champions merchandise is heading to World Vision headquarters in Pittsburgh today. KDKA reports the humanitarian organization will end send thousands of losing NFL items around the globe.

"With the NFL they pre-produce for both teams, obviously one loses, so we are able to be the recipients of the team that loses," Jeff Fields, corporate relations officer for World Vision, told KDKA-TV. "Then we have to send it overseas to kind of protect the fan base and protect the NFL, they don't wanna see that product showing up in the United States."

Countries like Mozambique, Armenia, El Salvador, Ghana, Sudan, Haiti and Mongolia will get losing merchandise.

"Many of these kids have never seen something brand new," Fields said. "They're living in torn clothing, shoes that are ripped, so when they get something brand new from someone far away, they are so appreciative. It really is life-changing for them to receive that."

In addition to the Patriots' gear, merchandise produced to celebrate the non-existent Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers victories in conference championship games are being boxed up and sent around the globe.

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