An NFL legend's life story will soon be coming to a movie theater near you.

Jim Brown, who walked away from running the ball for the Cleveland Browns after a record-breaking nine-year career, will soon have his life story dramatized on the big screen. Brown has agreed to hand over details of his dynamic life story to producer Hal Leiberman for an upcoming feature film, according to

Bob Eisele will write the Brown film while Jonathan Hock directs.

A college lacrosse and football star at Syracuse, Brown held just about every record possible for a running back during his time in Cleveland. A Pro Bowl selection each season he played, Brown dramatically retired from football at age 29 to become Hollywood's first African-American action star.

The film will detail Brown's trip around the football and movie world. He was part of the first interracial love scene with Raquel Welch in 1969's 100 Rifles and had leading roles in iconic films such as "The Dirty Dozen" and "The Running Man."

The 75-year-old former NFL star has also become an advocate for troubled inner city kids and battled his own personal demons that had him convicted of domestic violence. Rather than pay a fine and complete counseling, Brown chose to spend six months in jail.

Brown is a member of the Pro Football and Lacrosse Hall of Fames.

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