How confident are the haters that Tim Tebow is a fluke? A North Texas man is so confident, he's wagering his very name on it.

"If Tim Tebow won the Super Bowl,” David Rezazahdah told New School with Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas this week, "I would legally change my name to Tim Tebow. I think he's the flavor of the season right now."

(Of course now Rezazahdah is the flavor of the week, but that's beside the point.)

Rezazahdah, from Richardson, Texas, told the radio station that he made this bet with a buddy, and it's not any kind of skepticism of Tebow's religious beliefs.

Will he really do it? He says so.

"I know one person who won’t [let me back out] and that’s my friend T.J. He’ll drag me to the court office,” Rezazahdah told CBS Dallas, laughing.

When asked why any normal 26-year-old would want to do something so ridiculous, Rezazahdah, who works for a major phone company, admitted it's pretty simple. "I got no integrity if I don’t change it," he said.

The guy might be up against more than Tebow himself. A new survey shows 43 percent of football fans believe Tebow is getting help from above.

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A Poll Position survey showed 52 percent of young people (18-29), 54 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of African-Americans and a stunning 81 percent of Hispanics believe divine intervention has helped the Broncos.

Good luck, Mr. Rezazahdah!

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