So what did you do every day last year other than work and sleep?

A Syracuse University junior completed a back flip for all 365 days on the calendar, and it's not because he's nuts. He just wanted to win some cash from his old man.

Sam Morrison, 21, from Sparta, N.J., earned $100 from a bet with his father. Like any good college student in modern times, Morrison shared the experience with the world by posting daily updates on YouTube. You can see him flipping in upstate New York snow, off the Syracuse University statue of the Saltine Warrior and after bowling a strike with family.

In case you wondered (and we're not sure why you would), Morrison did complete one back flip naked, wearing just tube socks and a Santa hat while covering his privates as he jumped in a meadow, according to the Syracuse-Post-Standard.

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Morrison's father said he's "always promoted a kind of crazy life," according to the Daily Mail. Apparently his son figured it was good idea. Morrison learned how to back-flip while on vacation in North Carolina. Bad weather forced Morrison and his friend to entertain themselves, so they worked on the acrobatics jumping off sand dunes.

Morrison in on track to graduate from Syracuse in 2013 with a degree in Information Management and Technology.

Morrison is thinking about upping the stakes for his next challenge. His "life goal" is to do a back flip on all seven continents. "It's really expensive to go to Antarctica," he said. "I don't think I have that kind of money and time now."

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