America's morning man now fills his free time with sports.

After recently departing "Live with Regis & Kelly," Regis Philbin is spending much of his days feeding his tennis addiction. A regular at big tournaments for many years, Regis was turned onto the sport years ago by his wife, Joy, while working in Los Angeles.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Philbins have had an obsession with the sport for many years. "We had tennis parties," Joy says. "We'd plan these round robins, have a barbecue, build a whole social event around it. We took it seriously." "Oh my God, we'd be depressed for the weekend if we lost," Regis says. "Sometimes he and I would stop talking if I felt he didn't play his best, or vice versa." "Yes," Regis confirms. "She'd chew me out!"

Regis has played tennis with legends such as Venus and Serena Williams, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert.

Despite being 80 years old, Regis says he's not retired and is just "moving on" to other TV projects which he hasn't yet decided on. And despite what you might have read, Philbin swears he's happy with his decision to walk away from his popular morning show.

"I am glad I did it," he tells Jason Gay of the WSJ. "I really am. I feel better. I've got nothing to worry about." In his tennis clothes, Regis Philbin sweeps an arm toward the immaculate green lawn and the water. "Look at this," he says. "What's the problem?"

Much like Larry King and Billy Packer, Philbin isn't very savvy when it comes to things like iPhone's and email. Luckily his wife doesn't mind helping out her famous husband.

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"All I do is answer his emails because no one knows how to reach him," Joy says. "He has a cellphone but he never carries it and he doesn't know how to retrieve messages anyway."

Regis Philbin's final appearance on "Live! With Regis and Kelly"

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