Kobe Bryant's ex-wife wants a career of her own, and since she can't shoot or dribble as well as her former husband, reality television appears to be a better option.

The soon to be ex-wife of the Lakers star, Vanessa Bryant is about to get an enormous offer to star in the reality TV series "Basketball Wives," according to TMZ (Via FoxSports.com).

Shaquille O'Neal's ex-wife, Shaunie O'Neal, has been a defender of the oft-criticized program. She helped create the reality show's concept of following women around with camera who have in some way been romantically linked to NBA players. Shaunie happens to be the executive producer of the program, which adds another layer to the possible addition of Kobe's ex-wife.

When "Basketball Wives" was created, it was believed to have had Vanessa Bryant in mind, however at the time they couldn't afford her. Now, thanks to huge ratings on VH1, that's changed and Kobe's ex is about to receive an offer she can't refuse.

Just last week, Vanessa received three homes in Newport Beach, Calif and $75 million from the Lakers star in a divorce settlement after 11 years of marriage.

Producers are expected to make the ex-wife of the Lakers star the lead character on the LA version of the reality show. It's unknown if Kobe had Vanessa sign a confidentiality agreement.

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