The Patriots fan who scooped up the football from the missed field goal by Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff to send New England on to the Super Bowl is offering the historic ball back for a steep price.

Terry Oder, a physician from Hartford, will reluctantly hand over the pigskin he grabbed in the stands at Gillette Stadium if his fellow Pats fans help raise $50,000 for a scholarship fund in memory of a friend who recently died before the big game in Indianapolis.

The Hartford Courant reports Oder took some pals to the AFC title game to have some fun following weeks of mourning the death of a friend, who surprisingly died from a heart infection. The money would be used to fund the education for his late friend's 1-year-old son.

Despite only having the ball in his arm for a few days, Oder has created a bond with it.

"I would be sad to see it go," Oder told the newspaper, referring to the ball. "But if I can raise $50,000 for this kid's education, it would be worth it."

So are the Patriots going to write a big check?

Not so fast, my friend. New England spokesman Stacey James told the Hartford Courant that he's "not aware" of anyone wanting the special football back and the team hasn't contacted Oder to ask for it.

The Patriots did say they'd take the ball back if Oder donated. That sounds as likely as a 95-degree January day in Anchorage, Alaska.

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