Dale Earnhardt, Jr. lives in the fast lane, but he's taking it slow with his new girlfriend.

Don't get him wrong -- Junior is very happy with Amy Reimann. She's getting used to being the better half of the most beloved driver on the planet. "It's been pretty smooth, man," he told USA Today in an exclusive interview. "Everybody has been nice. If you read the Internet a lot, you can read a lot of bad stuff on there. About anybody. But she's not really into that, so she doesn't really know."

Reimann was a regular at the track last season. "She went to tons of races. She just doesn't like to go to (driver) introductions and those kinds of things," Earnhardt Jr. said. "She doesn't have to be there, doesn't need to be there. She likes hanging out in the bus with me and just being there with me. When the race is going, she is kind of interested in watching the pit stops and what goes on in the pits, so she'll go up and stand behind the pits and watch a little bit of that and see some of the race, but she doesn't really get into the rest. She's not really the look-at-me type."

Sounds like Dale, Jr.'s new girl is a lot like him -- laid back. And that's a good thing, as Junior insists "weddings ain't my thing." He was referring to spotter T.J. Majors' nuptials, which he and Amy attended in Key West. But asked if he has any wedding plans of his own, Junior said, "Nope, no plans."

At least Junior is going full throttle on his favorite video game.

"I played about 200 hours of Battlefield 3 on my PC. That's on the PC! Make sure you say that, because people will be like, "Xbox! He's on Xbox!" I'm not! I'm on the PC."

Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game released by Electronic Arts last October.

Earnhardt Jr. told USA Today his life is pretty simple when not racing, although he has changed up his routine somewhat.

"So I'm going out to eat, when I used to never come out of the house. I'd play video games all day long and never leave the house. Now I'm going out to eat. And that's about it."

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