Admit it -- if you are a Louisiana State football fan, you were pulling your hair out as quarterback Jordan Jefferson failed time and time again to move the chains in Monday's BCS Championship game. You would have loved to quiz head coach Les Miles about his gameplan and how he didn't at least give backup QB Jarrett Lee a chance.

Well someone in the media had the courage to do just that, and it just happened to be the father of an LSU player.

Bobby Hebert, a former NFL quarterback who hosts a New Orleans based radio show, challenged Miles to explain why he failed to bring in the backup quarterback or attempt to push the ball down field more.

The official transcript from the postgame interview room includes the full long rambling speech/question from Hebert, whose son, T-Bob, is a senior offensive lineman who was benched late in the year.

Q.  Coach, did you ever consider bringing in Jarrett Lee, considering that you weren't taking any chances on the field?  Now, I know Alabama's defense is dominant.  But, come on, that's ridiculous, five first downs.  I mean, so it's almost an approach, I'll tell from you the fans' standpoint, that how can you not maybe push the ball down the field and bring in Jarrett Lee?  So what if you get a pick six.  It seems like the game plan that‑‑ not pushing the ball down the field, considering it's like a Rueben Randle or Odell Beckham, Jr.  I know the pass rush of Alabama, but there's no reason why in five first downs‑‑ you have a great defense, LSU is a great defense, but that's ridiculous.

THE MODERATOR:  Do you have a question?

Q.  That's the question.  Do you think you should have pushed the football more down field?

COACH MILES:  I think if you watch our calls that we did throw the football down the field.  We didn't necessarily get the football down the field.

And I can tell you that the pass rush -- we did consider Jarrett Lee.  But we felt like with the pass rush that we were getting that we needed a guy that could move the feet and not sustain that pass rush.

Postgame news conferences have become so soft in tone that Hebert's rant was called a near "bombshell" by Greg Bishop of the New York Times.

Bishop claimed the "interview room fell silent and faces filled with shock." Reporters buzzed more about Hebert's question to the LSU coach than the lousy BCS Championship game.

Hebert, who hosts his radio show on WWL-AM, played 11 seasons from the 1980s to 90's in the NFL, with a 56-44 career record for the Saints and Falcons. (He also led the USFL Michigan Panthers to a championship.) Hebert is fourth in New Orleans history in passing yards behind Drew Brees, Archie Manning and Aaron Brooks.

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