For those upset about college football coaches outlawing players' use of Twitter, let the upsetting story of Jordan Jefferson be a harsh lesson in reality.

Alabama annihilated LSU 21-0 in Monday night's BCS Championship game, but that was nothing compared to the butchering that took place on social media.

Jefferson's poor performance as LSU's quarterback was the focus of much Twitter disgust from bitter Bayou Bengals fans. Jefferson was 11-of-17 passing for just 53 yards and struggled to move the ball on the ground with just 15 yards rushing on 14 carries.

Even before the game ended, Jefferson became the target of outrageous venom on the microblogging site that included threats and racial slurs sent to his page, according to WDSU-TV. In the fallout from the BCS debacle, Jefferson decided to close his Twitter account @JJefferson9.

The hate-Tweets are too disgusting to print here, but Homer Bush of the Twitter account @sportsfeeder1 shed some light on some of the worst offenders.

Jefferson's last tweet was eight days ago, when he commented on "Passing up my neck of the woods," according to messages saved at

The LSU quarterback had 10,546 followers at the time he last updated his page, notes Twitter Counter.

Jefferson was the author of classic Twitter messages such as: "Nothins better than a good meal," "I gotta show everybody SWAGGA JACKIN me," and my personal favorite "Once I found out who Santa really was, I was #devastated. They had me fooled for 10 years. Hahahaha."

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But now there's no telling what Jefferson is thinking or feeling.

Jordan Jefferson was grilled by the media after his poor performance

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