When you think of former NFL players getting reality shows, Terrell Owens and Deion Sanders come to mind, but not the guy who was Tim Tebow before Tim Tebow.

Kurt Warner, who led the Rams and Cardinals into the Super Bowl, will soon be entering the world of reality television. The retired quarterback will host a program that sounds a lot like a real-life version of "Fantasy Island."

Warner will headline the USA Network's "Moment," which will premiere later this year. The Hollywood Reporter says the series showcases Warner giving people, secretly selected by family and friends, a second chance at lost career dreams. Warner was working at an Iowa grocery store before becoming Super Bowl MVP 18 months later.

Dreams jobs featured on the show will include deep sea fishing, race car driving and orchestral conduction. Warner will have reality show participants choose if they want to accept their dream gig as their day job or return to there old life.

It's a show about second chances for people whose lives got in the way of their dreams.

But that's not all Warner has been up to. In addition to reality TV host, Warner has joined actor Mark Wahlberg as the latest big names to invest in a professional football league for India. The Elite Football League of India is set to begin operations in November with eight teams bringing U.S. style football to Hindustan.

"I am extremely excited about the possibilities of the EFLI," Warner said in a statement, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. "I became a partner for two primary reasons. First, to expand the reach of what I believe is the greatest team sport in the world. Second, I believe the success of EFLI will present us with some amazing opportunities to impact their communities from a charitable perspective."

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Wahlberg agreed.

"I hope to bring my family to India for the opening game and to witness this miracle that is the EFLI."

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