Justin Bieber the pugilist?

Believe it. The international pop sensation loves boxing -- a lot. "Me and my friends box all the time," Bieber told V Magazine. "My dad is a fighter so he taught me some stuff growing up, and he’s a great fighter, so I’m a pretty good boxer. "

So if this whole teen idol music thing doesn't work out, celebrity boxing has someone to fill Jose Canseco's shoes.

Bieber, the pride of Canada, even talks like a boxer, comparing his lonely-at-the-top situation to that of Floyd Mayweather.

"When I was coming up, trying to get to where I am now, people were so happy [for me]. They were rooting for me. Now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down," Bieber told V Magazine. "Everyone’s trying to tug at me and take my spot. And that’s how it always is, everyone wants you to be on top, and as soon as you’re there -- like Floyd Mayweather, he's the best boxer in the world."