The London Olympics are so popular, even Hollywood stars are having trouble scoring tickets. George Clooney is striking out in his efforts to land tickets to this summer's big sporting event.

Unlike average Joe's, Clooney can afford to spend whatever it takes to witness the Olympics, but that might not be enough. "Track and field is something that I really want to come back and see. I'm trying to see if I can get some tickets," Clooney told the Sun of London. "I'm a big fan of London. There are only a handful of great cities in the world and it's one of them. There are some cities that are made for the world, not just the country they are in and London is definitely one of them."

Clooney also told the paper he's not looking forward to the Academy Awards, despite being the favorite to win the best actor Oscar for his work on "The Descendants." When asked about attending the Hollywood gala, Clooney didn't seem all that excited, saying he's really "looking forward to a nice slow dinner with my girlfriend."

In case you're having trouble keeping track of the actor's love life, Clooney is currently dating Stacy Keibler, a former WWE Diva known for her unusually long legs.

As for his Hollywood wisdom, Clooney told the Sun he's not planning to share his acting knowledge with younger stars. "Mostly I just try not to get in the way of film and internet-savvy young kids ... Being young and working on movies is stressful. You can't imagine how difficult it is at that age."

Should Clooney end up with those hard-to-get Olympic tickets, he figures to be extra safe thanks to an extra 700 extra police officers n London for the 2012 games, according to the Evening Standard.

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