Everyone loves a long shot, and this guy could be the longest of them all -- or he's a fast-talking trickster who pulled one over on the Los Angeles media.

You decide.

Although guys like Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson and Larry King have all publicly expressed interest in buying the Dodgers, it's a 36-year-old regular guy who's creating the most social media buzz and controversy in his efforts to get ownership of the iconic franchise that Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax made famous.

Joshua Macciello is hoping to become the youngest owner in Major League Baseball history. As CEO of Armital Sports and Entertainment, Macciello is in charge of the company that brings in billions of dollars, according to KCAL 9.

The balding, ZZ-Top beard wearing, tattooed stranger is full of personality and told KTLA he's a lifelong baseball fan who played college ball at a community college in Alabama before hurting his arm, and money is no object. Macciello says his unnamed partners have the cash to top any of the reportedly ridiculous bids for the boys in blue.

ESPNLA.com reports Macciello became a millionaire a couple of years ago by making financing deals in the movie business with his company. In addition to the motion picture money, he claims to have acquired several gold mines recently.

Macciello grew up in Brooklyn, and is now residing in a house he rents for $10,000 a month in the San Fernando Valley with his mother, wife and three children.

It all sounds like the script for a movie, and some critics on social media believe this guy is a fast talking con artist.

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"You hear all the tweets and all the things that this guy's a hoax," Macciello told KCAL. "I would probably be saying the same thing if someone came out of nowhere too. I wear this guy on my chest, this Rocky Balboa, he's an underdog but he always believed in himself. That's me, I believe that if I get the reins of this team, we are gonna win next year and for years to come."

We won't know if Macciello is a crackpot or the real deal until Blackstone Advisory Partners, the investment bank handling the Dodgers sale, makes a decision on the new owners -- which is expected around opening day.

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