Tensions carried into the parking lot of a California pizza restaurant after the New York Giants' 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game on Sunday.

A large melee broke out between rival fans in San Jose. Witnesses said the San Francisco fans got upset with the New York supporters celebrating their team's dramatic win. Police are investigating the cellphone video that was obtained by CBS-TV in San Francisco. It appears to show 49ers fans beating up Giants fans outside the restaurant.

KCBS reports a 49ers fan who captured the scuffle said it all began as normal cheering, but turned into heckling as the game continued. After San Francisco punt returner Kyle Williams fumbled in overtime, giving the game to the Giants, angry fans went outside the pizza parlor kicking over trash cans, venting and screaming, according to Jerel Salazar, who witnessed the ugly images of fan violence.

Salazar tells CBS-TV that 49ers fans started the fight by pushing Giants fans who pushed back. That turned into punching and kicking. The Giants fans lost the fight because there were fewer of them, according to the witness.

San Jose Police were called to breakup the fisticuffs, but by the time they arrived most of the crowd had taken off. There was no one around to press charges.

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