It turns out that excessive praying can lead to a fathead, at least in the case of America's favorite faith-based NFL star.

Tim Tebow's praying on the field, dubbed "Tebowing," has inspired a souvenir Fathead from the company owned by Cleveland Cavs CEO Dan Gilbert. You can slap a 4-foot-6 by 4-foot-8 image of Tebow praying after the Week 12 comeback win giants the Chargers in your office, kid's bedroom or anyplace else your heart desires. The freshly released Tebowing Fathead will cost you $100.

You could see a few Las Vegas sports book operators doing some Tebowing if the Broncos continue to win. The Denver Broncos quarterback, had he been listed, would have had 9,999-to-1 odds on winning the NFL MVP before the season, the longest odds possible in the computers, according to Jay Kornegay, sports book director at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Kornegay tells Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal that the Broncos had 2,000-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl when Tim Tebow took over as starting for the 1-4 team. Now Denver has just 20-to-1 odds on winning the championship.

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Tebow, who's said he's remaining a virgin until marriage, is also dealing with tabloid reports that he's dating an Olympic skier.

Lindsey Vonn's representative denied that their client is dating the most polarizing athlete in the NFL today. “Lindsey is just friends with the Tebow family. Anyone who is trying to suggest any more to their relationship is wrong.”

The quarterback has been spotted hanging out with Vonn at ski races and award shows.

Vonn recently announced she is dumping her husband Thomas Vonn after four years and was sitting in the Tebow family luxury box during last week's comeback win against the Chicago Bears.

Vonn celebrated her recent win by Tebowing.

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