When you think of hip-hop culture, NASCAR most likely doesn't pop into your head. But Jeff Gordon is about to change all that. Sorta.

Gordon, four-time Sprint Cup Series champion, wowed a packed house at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with an on-stage break dance.

It all went down during "The Lap," which is an anything-goes mock press conference involving the 12 drivers who made the Chase For The Cup. Each racer answered questions submitted by fans. Snooki, from "Jersey Shore," clearly a big stock car racing fan, asked the first question. She wanted to know which of the drivers was the biggest partier.

Jimmie Johnson proceeded to make everyone aware that Gordon, 40, was well known for break-dancing skills in his early years. The gearheads in the crowd immediately started chanting "Gordon!, Gordon!, Gordon!"

Then, bowing to peer pressure, Gordon gave the fans what they wanted:

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Gordon has the most wins in NASCAR's modern era. He was the first driver to earn $100 million in career winnings in the Cup Series. And yet he has never been embraced like Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

In fact, a fan asked which NASCAR star had the most moves with the ladies. The drivers claimed Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. had the most dates. Earnhardt said he "didn't have game." But Carl Edwards followed by telling a story of being stopped at a signal in Charlotte, N.C. when a big SUV pulled up along side of him filled with beautiful young women. Edwards said Earnhardt was behind the wheel.

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