Usually freak accidents on the football field happen between the whistles, but this weekend something scary took place well after the end of a game. An out-of-control golf cart plowed into a group of people assembled near midfield following a high school football state championship in Dallas.

Dekaney High School (Houston) had just beaten Steele (Cibolo) 34-14 in the Class 5A-II Texas state championship game at Cowboys Stadium when the unmanned golf cart slammed into a group of reporters and Willie Amendola, Dekaney's head coach.

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The Houston Chronicle reports coach Amendola appeared OK, talking with his team and reporters. But the same could not be said for two reporters who were injured badly enough that they left the field on stretchers.

A spokesman for Cowboys Stadium told the Chronicle someone who took the cart onto the field to pick up pylons forgot to turn off the throttle, leading to the incident.

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