Meet Gerry Sandusky. No, not that one.

This Gerry Sandusky has lived a truly blessed life, enjoying a long career on Baltimore sports television and being the radio voice of the Ravens.

Then the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State hit the news, and suddenly Gerry Sandusky found himself sharing a name with an accused pedophile.

Jerry, the former Penn State defensive coordinator, was indicted and charged with multiple counts of child sex abuse, which has led to what Gerry describes to WUSA as the strangest experience of his life.

That includes being overwhelmed with mostly negative emails and Twitter messages. "It's been a stream of 'you filthy bleepin' dirty rotten, may you rot, I hope you die a thousand deaths and come back and have to do it all over again,'"Sandusky says.

Apparently a number of people were so upset by the outrageous allegations against the former coach that they forgot to check spelling or pictures.

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Gerry and Jerry have actually met once, back in 1986. Gerry interviewed Jerry before Penn State's national championship game. Gerry tells WUSA that at the time the two men laughed about sharing the same name, but the Ravens play-by-play voice isn't smiling about that conversation anymore.

The name game gets even more confusing: Gerry Sandusky's father is named John, and he played football for the Cleveland Browns in the 1950's. The Browns' current director of player personnel is Jon Sandusky, who is Jerry's adopted son.

Gerry isn't about to change his name, so he says he will make the best of the fact that his name will most likely always be tarnished because of the other Sandusky's alleged actions.

"I try to be as pleasant and patient as I can with this unbelievable barrage of people who really hate the sound of my name," he said.

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