While Carson Palmer works to get the Oakland Raiders into the playoffs, lawyers for the Silver & Black are in a legal brouhaha over ... burgers.

The Raiders are accusing a hamburger chain of violating the team's beloved "Raider Nation" trademark in an ad campaign featured near the team's stadium. Lawyers for the football club say the team's catchphrase is "phonetically indistinguishable" from the ad slogan: "When Hunger Hits, Raid a Nation's."

Nation's Giant Hamburgers chain, with 26 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, was hit with a lawsuit from NFL Properties and the Raiders in Federal Court, according to Courthouse News Service.

The claim accuses the burger boys of "ambush" advertising that incorrectly depicts Nation's as having a connection to the NFL franchise.

Equally upsetting to team lawyers, the burger outfit altered its own logo, a giant cartoon hamburger, by giving it a pirate eyepatch like the one worn by the Raiders' mascot, reports the San Francisco Weekly.

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You'd think the Silver & Black would be better off asking for draft picks instead of cash in the deal, but that's not the case.

The Raiders and NFL suits are asking for the burger chain to be ordered to stop using the "Raid a Nation's" slogan, in addition to financial damages for trademark infringement and dilution, false advertising and unfair competition.

Al Davis might be gone, but his memory lives on -- one lawsuit at time baby!

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