If you want your kid to grow up and play in the NFL, he or she should attend the University of Miami or Southern California, and Duke wouldn't hurt if the NBA is the dream. But what if you want your son or daughter to OWN the franchise?

Of the 122 franchises in the four big North American professional leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) two schools stand out from the pack.

Harvard University, when not creating Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners, has a knack for generating pro sports czars. The private Cambridge, Mass., business and law schools have combined to turn out seven current major-sports franchise owners, including New England Patriots boss Robert Kraft, according to research by the Wall Street Journal.

The Ivy League can't brag about many actual professional athletes, but schools like Columbia (4), Dartmouth (3), Penn (3) and Yale (3) can blow away the SEC when it comes to sports ownership.

Georgetown, made famous in sports thanks to Patrick Ewing's spectacular basketball performances back in the 1980s, has assembled the second-most professional sports owners behind Harvard with six. That number will soon drop by one, when Hoyas alumni Frank McCourt is forced to sell the iconic Los Angeles Dodgers franchise in 2012.

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In addition to Columbia, Michigan and UCLA have also produced four pro sports owners each.

Wayne State University in Detroit has produced three owners; Dan Gilbert (Cavs), Stephen Ross (Dolphins) and Bill Davidson (Pistons).

Don't plan on sending your child to college? He or she can still own a pro franchise, if he or she can throw a blazing fastball like Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan. The Texas Rangers owner went right from high school to pro baseball with the Mets.

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