Chances are pretty good you've never heard the name Nathan Mallett, but you might have seen his shenanigans on the Internet. He's the intoxicated Browns fan who was able to elude security about six minutes into the fourth quarter and sprint onto the field during the Steelers' 41-0 blowout win at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Christmas Eve, 2005.

Mallett pranced around the field like he had just scored a touchdown. As the Browns fan was celebrating his imagined score, Steelers star James Harrison approached, grabbed Mallett from behind and, in a move out of the WWE, body-slammed him to the icy field.

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"I had a little too much to drink," Mallet told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "and one thing kind of led to another. The next thing I knew, I was staring up from the ground, at James Harrison ... I didn't really feel anything. I was just kind of shocked and confused about what happened. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I woke up a little bit stiff."

The Browns ended up banning Mallett from future home games and he picked up five years of probation which included a wrist monitor that had to be turned on every time an NFL game was being played in Cleveland.

Mallett's life took a change of course after that fateful day. He checked into rehab, has been living sober for a few years and he even slimmed down, dropping 15 pounds. "I kind of got some things changed around in my life," he told the Plain Dealer.

He'll turn 30 on December 23rd and works as a cook at a local BBQ restaurant in the Wooster, Ohio. Mallett even plays drums for his church's youth band.

Although his ban from Cleveland Browns Stadium has been lifted, Mallett hasn't been to a game since Harrison treated him like a rag doll. He does watch the games on TV and plans to attend some games next season.

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