Boston's newest baseball boss is the Albert Einstein of food.

It's unlikely Bobby Valentine's success with the Red Sox will ever match his culinary grand slam. While everyone knows Einstein invented the "Theory of Relativity," Valentine claims to have created the Wrap sandwich.

And there's pretty good evidence for it.

A wrap is a version of a taco or burrito that includes your normal sandwich fillings wrapped in a pita or soft flour tortilla.

Although not as cool as other American food inventions such as the Corn Dog and Philly Cheesesteak, the wrap is an integral menu addition for many restaurants around the country. Today the wrap is served by a number of fast food giants, including McDonalds and KFC, but it was the man who's now working in the home dugout at Fenway Park who (in theory) came up with concept.

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Not buying it? Wikipedia posted a couple of lines on Bobby Valentine's profile that credit his sports bar, "Bobby V's Sports Gallery Cafe," in Stamford, Conn. as the first restaurant anywhere to serve the sandwich.

The claim was reportedly made again when the Food Network showcased his joint. We found this YouTube video in which Bobby V explains how he invented the lunch institution:

The menu for Bobby V's includes Cajun, Asian, Fish, Buffalo, Chicken Caesar Salad and Cobb Salad Wraps from $8.25 on up.

As for his managerial skills, Valentine has been a very average big league skipper. He's spent 15 seasons managing the Texas Rangers and New York Mets with a .510 winning percentage and no division titles. Valentinue has only one pennant (2000 NL Mets) to show for his time as a big league skipper.

But those who know him swear he's one of the most creative baseball people around. (Need evidence? Just look at the time he was ejected from a Mets game and showed up moments later in the dugout, wearing a disguise including a mustache.)

Boston fans would probably love to see more wrap sandwiches in the clubhouse. The Sox season fell apart last summer amid charges that players were drinking beer and eating buckets of chicken during games. Manager Terry Francona was subsequently canned, making way for Valentine.

Maybe the team will play better in 2012 if players start putting that chicken in a pita.

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