Even beauty queens have dark sides.

The winner of a Miss Congeniality contest has been charged for taking part in the ugly hockey uprising that trashed downtown Vancouver last summer.

Sophie LaBoissonniere, from metro Vancouver, was allegedly part of a large group of troublemakers that rioted after the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

A total of 25 people have been charged with 61 violations from the June disturbance on the streets of Canada's third most populated city.

LaBoissonniere, 20, has been a beauty pageant contestant three times. She is accused of being part of a lawless mob that burglarized a drug store, according to GlobalTVBC.com (via the Daily Mail).

The young woman took home her Miss Congeniality title at the Miss Coastal Vancouver pageant. "It's a great way of expressing myself on stage," LaBoissonniere claimed on her since-removed blog. She also wrote about "letting people see me exude my confidence by being myself."

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Katherine Grefner from Miss World Canada told CTV News that LaBoissonniere is a "vivacious" young woman who really stood out during auditions.

"She expressed a keen interest in helping out with children," Katherine Grefner, director of Miss World Canada, told CTV. "She's just an all-around good kid."

Grefner told the TV station she was shocked by the report of the charges, saying the beauty queen's mother's illness might be partly responsible for her criminal actions.

"I do think that when people go through hard times and they're amongst maybe a mob mentality, their sense of judgment isn't the best that it could be at the specific time, but it doesn't necessarily make them a bad person," Grefner said to CTV.

LaBoissonniere hopes to become an interior designer, according to the National Post.

When the investigation is over, authorities could end up charging as many as 700 people for taking part in the Stanley Cup riots.

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