Just in case you didn't think Cam Newton was a big deal outside the NFL, two of the NBA's biggest superstars just gave him the ultimate salute. Dwyane Wade paid tribute to one of the rising NFL stars after hitting the key basket in the Heat's win Tuesday night at Charlotte.

Wade drove to the left side of the basket and knocked down a baby jumper with 2.9 seconds left to put the finishing touches on the Bobcats, 96-95.

After the heroics, Wade walked over to Newton, seated courtside, and celebrated with the Panthers star's signature Superman gesture.

"It's a great homage to him," Wade told the AP.

LeBron James also mimicked Cam's move, just behind and to the right of Wade. Newton was smiling from ear to ear and laughing after seeing the Heat icons do the move.

"That was a show of respect to him," Wade declared after the game to the Charlotte Observer. "Not showing nobody up." The Heat star saw Newton hanging around the arena earlier in the game. "First of all, the guy is huge," Wade said of Newton. "I've seen him play a lot. He's entertaining. He had one of the best rookie years of any player to ever play the game."

You can say that again. Newton has 3,893 passing yards, 20 touchdown passes and a record 14 rushing touchdowns to compliment 674 rushing yards for the 6-9 Panthers, who finish their season at New Orleans.

Cam Newton pulled out his trademark Superman celebration after this record-tying rushing touchdown.

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