Forget Magic Johnson or Larry King, Indiana Jones is going to run the Dodgers.

Harrison Ford is set to at least pretend to be the owner of the floundering franchise in his latest Hollywood role. The actor from the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises has agreed to play the role of Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey in the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic "42."

Known for his performance as Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy, Ford, 69, beat out Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford, both rumored for the role of the executive elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, according to

Rickey is best known for breaking MLB's color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson and also drafting the first Hispanic superstar, Roberto Clemente. He also helped design the modern farm system which is still used today and even helped welcome the batting helmet to baseball.

In addition to playing, managing and running the Browns, Cardinals, Dodgers and Pirates, Rickey is credited with a number of iconic quotes including "baseball is a game of inches."

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My favorite is from a contract negotiation with Ralph Kiner when Rickey was running the Pirates. Rickey told the Pittsburgh star "We finished in last place with you; we can finish in last place without you."

Warner Bros. will distribute the Brian Helgeland-directed sports film. No deals have been signed to make Ford's inclusion permanent, but reports are stating that the role is his if he wants it. The move makes sense. Ford can look and sound like the sometimes gruff Rickey, while it seems like Nicholson or Redford would be a stretch (even considering Redford's penchant for baseball movies).

In one of his few TV appearances, Branch Rickey appeared on this 1959 episode of What's My Line.

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